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At US Demo and Hauling Inc., we are committed to safe, environmentally friendly, residential and commercial demolition and excavation. We're a full scope demolition company. From project planning, site preparation, demolition work, environmental safeguards and site restoration, we offer all the services you need, start to finish. Whether you need an interior, minor renovation work or a total structure demolition, we'll work with the contractor or property owner to accomplish your needs. As part of our commitment to responsible demolition, we recycle between 50 and 100% of the materials generated on the job site, free of charge. Our aggressive recycling approach also yields cost benefits we pass on to our clients.

For more than 15 years, our demolition and excavation team has served the entire Bay Area. Thanks to our complete and conscientious approach, clients continually refer our services. Our experienced team and powerful array of owned  equipment handles a wide variety of configurations to initiate renovations. All of our work is insured and certified under state license, and we guarantee compliance with all regulations.

To learn more about our safe, responsible residential interior demolition services or to schedule a free estimate at your convenience, call (510) 812-4149.

US DEMO AND HAULING, INC. holds the following California Contractors Licenses: C-8, C-12 and C-21. Were fully bonded, insured and carry Workers' Comp. Lic#756605.