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At US Demo and Hauling Inc., we are committed to safe, environmentally friendly, residential and commercial demolition and excavation. We’re a full scope demolition company. From project planning, site preparation, demolition work, environmental safeguards to site restoration, we offer all types of services, start to finish. Whether you are looking for a minor renovation project or a total structure demolition, we’ll work with the contractor or property owner to accomplish your needs. As part of our commitment to responsible demolition, we recycle between 50 and 100% of the materials generated on the job site, free of charge. Our aggressive recycling approach also yields cost benefits that we pass on to our clients.



US Demo and Hauling, Inc. has taken old, unfinished and dilapidated sites and readied them for new, beautiful developments for more than 20 years.

Our Services

Take old, cracked, flat pavement, worn-out pools, drains and overgrown lots and turn them into a real estate masterpiece.
At US Demo and Hauling, Inc. we remove and recycle materials so you can start new. We have served the San Francisco Bay area including Alameda and Contra Costa for more than 20 years. We specialize in:

  • Interior and Exterior Demolition
  • Foundation Removal
  • Dirt & Debris Removal
  • Soft and Hard Demolition
  • Drainage Systems/Grading
  • Asphalt Concrete Paving
  • Residential and Commercial Services
  • Pool Removal/Backfill
  • Pier Drilling
  • Excavation/Trenching
  • Concrete Breaking and Removal
  • Lot Clearing

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