As demolition contractors, cement removal and concrete removal are two of our areas of expertise. Whether you have a small area of concrete to remove or need an entire concrete foundation broken up and removed, the team at U.S. Demo and Hauling can help. Here’s a quick look at what concrete removal entails.


Cement Vs. Concrete

Many people mistakenly believe that concrete and cement are the same substances. However, cement is one of the many ingredients found in concrete. Other ingredients include water, gravel, sand and air.


To make concrete, the 10-20-30-40 Rule often is used and this includes 10% cement mixed with 20% of air and 20% of water. 30% of the mix is usually sand and the rest (40%) is gravel.


Concrete Can Be Recycled

More than 100 million metric tons of cement were needed for construction projects in 2021, so there is a huge demand for cement and concrete. At the same time, many construction and remodeling projects require concrete removal and cement removal, and some of this concrete could end up in a landfill.


The good news is that most concrete can be crushed up and reused for future projects. Our goal, in general, is always to find ways to reuse and recycle anything we take from a site. Whether you need concrete removal or a house demo or a building demo, we will do our best to ensure that anything that can be recycled will be recycled.


How Much Does Concrete Removal Cost?

Concrete removal prices vary based on the scope of the job. For instance, concrete demolition, such as removing a small walkway at a residential home will cost significantly less than the cost to remove tons of concrete from a large commercial building. We are happy to provide you with a free estimate for our services.


With any concrete demo and removal project, it’s important to hire a licensed demolition company with experienced employees. This ensures that the job is handled correctly and that the concrete is disposed of properly.


How Long Does Concrete Removal Take?

This depends on the scope of the project, but typically our team can handle most projects in about one or two days. Larger commercial projects might take a bit more time, but we have mastered the art of efficient concrete removal, so most of our projects can be completed in a matter of days.


Should You Remove Concrete On Your Own?

For very small concrete removal projects, some homeowners could manage these tasks on their own. However, this can be backbreaking work, to say the least. You’ll need a pry bar as well as either a jackhammer or a sledgehammer as well as heavy-duty work gloves and perhaps hearing protection if you use a jackhammer.


Additionally, you will need to haul away the concrete and dispose of it properly. Concrete chunks cannot simply be placed in a trash bin. You will need to contact your local municipality to find out where you can legally dispose of the concrete. In many cases, you might find that while it costs more to hire a concrete removal company, this can be a much easier, faster and more convenient option.


Do I Need A Permit?

In many cases, concrete demolition may require permits from your local municipality. With commercial projects, there may be many types of permits required and you may need approval from your local planning or building commissions.


For homeowners, the need for permits varies. For instance, if you are removing a driveway as part of a remodeling project and no dimensions will change, you may only need a permit from the Department of Transportation and not a city permit. If you are changing dimensions, you will need permits from your city and the Department of Transportation.


If you are removing concrete from your backyard, such as concrete patio removal, you also may need to acquire permits from your city. In some cases, we may not need a permit for demo work but will need a permit for disposing of the concrete. Every city tends to have unique regulations, and it’s important to ensure that you are not in violation of any local codes or laws.


We know this can be confusing for homeowners, but a member of our team can help you with this process. We have been working throughout the Bay Area since 1998 and we are very familiar with local building codes and regulations regarding concrete removal and demolition.


Our Concrete Removal Services

At U.S. Demo, we handle many different types of concrete removal including residential concrete removal and concrete removal for commercial projects. We are a local concrete demolition company serving the San Francisco Bay Area for more than 20 years. Our services include:


  • Concrete Cutting & Removal
  • Concrete Driveway Demolition & Removal
  • Asphalt Driveway Removal
  • Patio, Deck & Walkway Removal
  • Concrete Slab & Foundation Removal
  • Swimming Pool Demolition & Removal


In addition, we also can provide you with dirt removal and fill. We also offer complete excavation and grading services. This includes excavation for new foundations, excavation of trenches for utility lines, backfill, erosion control and complete site clearing services.


Get Your Free Estimate!

If you need cement removal and concrete removal anywhere in the Bay Area, U.S. Demo is here to help. For a free estimate, you can click on the Contact Us tab on our homepage or give us a call at (925) 376-3050. We also have a Free Estimate box at the bottom of our homepage.

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