Excavation contractors play a vital role in many construction projects and at U.S. Demo and Hauling, we offer several excavation services for clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.


Excavations For New Foundations

Whether you need a new foundation for a residential home or a commercial building, we can provide you with quality foundation excavation services. The foundation is the most important component of any building, supporting thousands or even hundreds of thousands of pounds and it’s crucial to find a contractor that can work with many different soil types.


Foundations also need to be able to withstand weather changes and changes in soil conditions. While Northern California’s weather stays relatively mild throughout the year, rain and moisture and ground shifting can affect a building’s integrity and a strong foundation is essential.


This is why you not only need expert excavation services, but also need to ensure that the building has proper waterproofing and drainage. A combination of these three factors can ensure that your structure will remain strong for the long haul.


Excavation For Underground Utility Lines

Once the utility lines are installed and a building is constructed, accessing these lines is going to be difficult, to say the least, so this process needs to be completed correctly the first time.


Excavation companies need to have experience with both dry and wet utilities, as each requires a unique type of trenching, although, with some projects, we may be able to use joint trenching. Wet utility lines include components such as the water mainline and sewer lines, while dry utilities include gas lines, electricity and telecommunications.


Backfill Services

Of course, it’s not all about just moving dirt, many excavation companies, including U.S. Demo, also provide backfill services in addition to excavation work. Backfill materials are added after excavation and after several phases of construction have been completed and this process also includes soil compaction.


The backfill will help to support the structure, but we do need to be selective about the backfill materials we use. In many cases, we use a combination of materials such as rocks or stone and certain types of soil that won’t retain an abundance of moisture. These materials will be placed into the fill areas in layers, and we will ensure that each layer is compacted properly.


Grading Services

In a perfect world, a building site would be perfectly level and ready to go, but that’s never the case. Whether you have a small project such as creating a backyard patio or a large project such as constructing an office park, grading is always a crucial part of the process and we can help with backyard redesigns, driveaway renovations, grading home sites or large-scale commercial projects.


Erosion Control

There are many facets to erosion control, and when we excavate and grade the land, this earth movement can cause erosion. During the construction process, it is important to have an erosion control plan in place. This includes preventing erosion during the phases of construction as well as putting in erosion controls that will continue to protect the property for many years to come.


Site Clearing

As our name, U.S. Hauling and Demo, suggests, we aren’t just about excavation. We also are a demolition company and can provide you with complete site-clearing services. This includes building demolition, concrete removal, construction debris removal and removing trees, shrubbery, rocks or whatever else needs to be cleared from a site. Wherever possible, our demolition contractors will recycle any materials we can, as we strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible with all of our projects.


What To Look For In Excavation Companies

When selecting an excavation contractor, it’s important to look at several factors, including:


  1. Experience – Find excavation companies with proven track records of success in the industry, and U.S. Demo has more than 20 years of experience providing the San Francisco Bay Area with safe, expert excavation services.


When searching for a high-quality contractor, it’s also important to select a company that can handle the type of excavation project you need. For instance, not all excavation contractors are able to tackle larger commercial excavation projects, but we have extensive experience with commercial and residential projects of all sizes.


  1. Licenses & Insurance – All reputable excavation companies will be licensed, bonded and insured. Be sure to do a quick license check at California’s Department of Consumer Affairs website to ensure that the license is active, to check the bond information and to see if any civil judgments against the company have been reported.


  1. References – Feel free to ask for references from past clients as this can give you a sense of the total level of professionalism of an excavation contractor, from start to finish.


  1. Detailed Estimates – It’s not always 100% possible to estimate all of the costs associated with a project. After all, until we break ground, there are certain issues, such as boulders or water that we might not anticipate. Still, we will provide you with a detailed written estimate of the cost of a project, and with our many years of experience in the Bay Area, we typically can provide you with a solid cost estimate.


Contact U.S. Demo Today!

If you need an excavation contractor anywhere in the Bay Area, give the team at U.S. Demo a call at any time. In addition to our excavation and grading services, we also offer many demolition services, including house demolition, commercial building demolition, swimming pool demolition and more.

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