House demolition is a complicated process, and it’s crucial to hire an experienced professional to handle this huge task. At U.S. Demo & Hauling, house demolition is one of our areas of expertise, and here are a few facts about this service so that you know what to expect.


  1. There Are Many Reasons People Consider House Demolition

A house demo is more common than you might think. For instance, if a home has been damaged by fire, it often is more cost-effective to simply demolish the home and begin again with new construction. Likewise, if a home has too much structural damage or is simply too expensive to repair, demolition might be the most cost-effective option to consider.


In some cases, a home simply cannot be transformed into the type of dwelling a property owner truly wants, and demolition is the best option to consider. We can demolish a single-family home or a portion of a home or demolish several structures on a property, such as an old barn or shed. Of course, in many cases, multiple homes are demolished to make room for a new housing development.


  1. Any Hazardous Materials Must Be Removed First

Hazardous materials cannot simply be placed into a landfill, so before we demolish a home, we have to remove any potential hazards. This might include removing lead paint or asbestos removal from older homes, as well as polychlorinated biphenyl, which was a substance often used for caulking and electrical ballast in older homes. Anything with mercury, such as CFL lights, also must be removed and disposed of properly.


Of course, before the homeowner or seller vacates the property, all hazardous materials must be removed. This includes any electrical devices, anything with lithium batteries, paints, solvents, motor oil and other items that cannot be placed into a landfill.


  1. Utilities Must Be Shut Off

You’ve probably seen those public service announcements stating, “call before you dig,” and this is important advice. We never want to demolish a home until all utilities have been shut off and all power and gas lines have been identified and marked. Our team will handle utility shut-offs so that you won’t have to worry about this issue. Safety is always our top priority, both for our crew and for the residents in the surrounding neighborhood.


  1. Permits Are Need For House Demolition

Just as you need building permits to construct a home, you must apply for demolition permits to remove a home. At U.S. Demo & Hauling, we will handle acquiring the demolition permit for you and also will handle inspections as well as a complete clean-up and grading of the lot.


  1. The Cost To Demolish A Home Varies

We always provide a free estimate for our clients, but there really is no average cost to demolish a house. House demolition costs tend to be based on the overall square footage of a home, and a larger home will cost more to demolish than a small home, but there are other costs that might be factored in as well, including removing asbestos, removing debris, paying for permits, inspections, etc.


Depending on the complexity and size of the project, you might expect to pay anywhere from about $5 to $15 per square foot for our home demolition services. Again, we will provide you with a free cost estimate, but generally that’s about what you can expect, cost-wise.


  1. House Demolition Can Be Done Quickly

While house demolition is a big job, it doesn’t take more than a few days to complete most demolition projects. We have all the heavy equipment needed to complete these jobs as quickly as possible and always do our best to complete the job in a timely fashion. Obviously, ensuring a safe demotion is always the priority, but you typically can expect the demolition process to be complete in about five days and often less time.


House deconstruction on the other hand, typically takes several extra days. With deconstruction, we don’t simply demolish the structure, we remove different components from the home for reuse. In some cases, we might provide clients with a combination of demolition and deconstruction.


Whether you opt for deconstruction, total demolition or a combination, our experienced team of demolition contractors will handle the process as quickly and efficiently, and we also do our best to minimize the spread of dust during the demolition process.


  1. Many Materials Can Be Recycled

Many people are surprised at how many construction and building materials can be recycled, and our demolition experts do their best to recycle everything they possibly can from a demo site. For instance, if we remove any concrete, this can be recycled. We often can salvage metals and lumber from a demo project as well as carpet, pipes, bricks, roofing materials and more.


Other Services We Provide

Since 1998, U.S. Demo & Hauling has been providing customers in the Bay Area with expert commercial and residential demolition services. In addition to house demolition, we offer a wide range of services, including:

  • Interior Demolition
  • Garage Demolition
  • Barn Demolition
  • Commercial Building Demolition
  • Selective Demolition
  • Mobile Home Demolition & Trailer Removal
  • Swimming Pool Demolition
  • Driveway Demolition
  • Concrete Removal
  • Excavation & Grading


Contact Our Demolition Company Today!

Whether you need to clear away an entire structure or a portion of that structure, the team at U.S. Demo & Hauling provides safe, comprehensive house demolition services for clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. To get a free estimate for our residential demolition services, you can fill out the estimate form on our homepage or give us a call at (925) 376-3050.

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